Revitalization takes a village, and in Allentown that means hundreds of volunteers, community leaders, and city officials and agencies who have come together to implement a comprehensive plan aimed at improving the quality of life and access to wealth and home ownership in the neighborhoods surrounding Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone. The goal of the campaign is to ensure that the residents also see the benefits of the vibrant business district along Hamilton Street in the NIZ as well as North Seventh Street, the gateway to Allentown’s downtown. The coalition, Upside Allentown, held a press conference September 8th to report on its activity to date, two years into the initiative, and lay out plans for year three. Below is the full press release, accomplishments and new projects for 2016-2017. You will also find 4 “Success Videos” that show the real impact on the lives of the people who have benefited from Upside programs. Thank you to all of volunteers, organizations, committees, funders, stakeholders and others who have helped make this possible.

Full Press Release

Upside Allentown Accomplishments 2015-2016

Upside Allentown Projects 2016-2017

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