Retail Mosaic Checklist


APPLICATION CHECKLIST: (items required to complete loan application)

____1. Loan Application: Information regarding your business request. Be sure to include the business’ NAICS number which can be found at and the DUNS number that can be established at

____2. Business Financial Statements: If available, provide balance sheets and income statements for
the last 3 years. Additionally, provide the most current interim statements, signed and dated.

____3. Business Tax Returns: If available, provide full returns (with schedules) for the last 3 years.

____4. Proforma Financial Statements: Provide three (3) years of financial proformas; including all assumptions. (Balance Sheets; Income Statements; 1 year monthly cash flow)

____5. Collateral: Please provide cost of equipment and third party estimate.

____6. Personal Tax Returns: Last 3 years for all owners (full returns with schedules).
All returns must be signed.

____7. Personal Financial Statements: Owners (& Guarantors, if applicable) must complete and sign.

____8. Personal Budget Statement: Complete with personal budget information.

____9. Program Participant Form: Information for funding documentation.

___10. Application Fee: $100.00 for any loan, non-refundable, to be paid upon submission of the application packet. Payment is to be made to The City of Allentown

___11. Please include copies of signed contracts (and/or agreements) if applicable.

Send all information to: Attn: Business Development Department
City of Allentown Phone: (610) 435-7610
435 West Hamilton St. Fax: (610) 439-5947
Allentown PA 18101


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