Jordan Heights

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Jordan Heights Overview

Jordan Heights is a 24 city block area and comprises of roughly 9,000 residents. The community is rich in diversity and opportunity. The neighborhood has focused it’s efforts on improving housing, beautifying parks and green areas and providing enhanced educational programs for kids throughout the community.

lifestyleThe Lifestyle

Jordan Heights and the Old Fairgrounds are full of opportunity, diversity and culture.


There are many events throughout the year including various community, social, and educational events.

neighborsThe Neighborhood

Organizations like The Neighborhood Center and Sacred Heart Hospital are key partners and supporters of the community.

heartFall in love with

The community, the culture, the people!

Allentown’s Melting Pot

The People and Culture

Jordan Heights is all about its people! It is a diverse neighborhood that has citizens and organizations deeply committed to its future, especially its children. It is also very proud of its murals which you can find throughout the neighborhood. Jordan Heights is so much more than a place on a map it is a culturally diverse people and community!

Community Engagement

The Jordan Heights community is focused on education and healthy living. It has significant partnerships with The Neighborhood Center, Rodale Institute, and Sacred Heart Hospital. You will always find people involved in various beautification projects as well throughout the neighborhood which makes Jordan Heights a great place to live and raise a family!

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