Upside Allentown, a volunteer-driven comprehensive community revitalization initiative for center city, will again host a series of free seminar opportunities for residential rental property owners/landlords and managers on July 14 and 15, 2017. In partnership with Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown and with funds from the Department of Housing & Urban Development, the city is sponsoring the seminars and has engaged John Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources to administer the eight-hour training sessions. The day-long seminars will take place at Sacred Heart Hospital Auditorium. The sessions will begin promptly at 8:30am and continue until 5:00pm with a one-and-a-half hour lunch break in between. Registration begins at 8:00am on seminar days. Pre-registration, however, is encouraged to confirm one’s attendance and reservation as seats are limited.

The training curriculum is adapted from a nationally recognized program developed by Mr. Campbell. The program helps rental property managers, owners and small landlords maintain a safe and attractive property while taking steps to reduce the opportunity for crime and related problems. Information about tenant screening, physical elements such as landscaping and maintenance, warning signs of drug dealing and usage, as well as fair housing are included in the training. This training is helpful to anyone who rents residential property — especially newcomers who may be unfamiliar with the recommended measures needed to avoid headaches later.

Although open to all residential landlords and tenants in Allentown, the seminars are intended to benefit small landlords in center city where more than 1,800 small landlords have modest “mom and pop” operations of typically one to 10 rental units, either in one structure or in several structures in scattered sites. In 2016 these small operations aggregately owned more than 4,200 registered rental units in center city alone, providing housing to at least 18,000 people. That number of people represents a little more than 71 percent of the population in center city.

The Allentown Police Department particularly urges property owners and managers, especially those operating rental units in and around center city Allentown, to attend. Space is limited, so advance registration is requested. For information and to pre-register, please call the City of Allentown Planning Department at 610-437-7613 during office hours, or send an email to

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