Allentown's Transformation

Allentown has certainly changed over the past few years.  Brought to life by the words of William Allen High students, Allentown personified tells its story. Experience the heart, spirit and character of this City as it continues to grow.



I was a Queen among men.
I was praised for my beauty,
my hardworking spirit.
I was on the rise.

Envied by all who knew me,
I was a star.
I was meant for glory.
People would know me, by my name.

But I began to crumble.
I lost my greatness.
My good company disappeared.
I burned through life
until nothing was left.

I was left a ghost of the past.

Then something changed.
Out of the ashes, came a spark.

I picked myself up,
pulled myself back together,
ready to heal.

Today I am new.
I am strong,
powered by a fresh energy.

Today I am overflowing with opportunity and potential,
surrounded by diversity and culture.

Today I am proud.
I am the product of hard work,

Today I believe.
Today I know what I am capable of.
I am limitless.

It was not easy.
It’s still not easy.

I was down for a while
But I am a comeback kid.
I am Allentown,
and I’ve only just begun.