Free Landlord Seminars in Allentown

Free Landlord Seminars in Allentown

Upside Allentown, a volunteer-driven comprehensive community revitalization initiative for center city, will again host a series of free seminar opportunities for residential rental property owners/landlords and managers on July 14 and 15, 2017. In partnership with Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown and with funds from the Department of Housing & Urban Development, the city is sponsoring the seminars and has engaged John Campbell of Campbell DeLong Resources to administer the eight-hour training sessions. The day-long seminars will take place at Sacred Heart Hospital Auditorium. The sessions will begin promptly at 8:30am and continue until 5:00pm with a one-and-a-half hour lunch break in between. Registration begins at 8:00am on seminar days. Pre-registration, however, is encouraged to confirm one’s attendance and reservation as seats are limited.

The training curriculum is adapted from a nationally recognized program developed by Mr. Campbell. The program helps rental property managers, owners and small landlords maintain a safe and attractive property while taking steps to reduce the opportunity for crime and related problems. Information about tenant screening, physical elements such as landscaping and maintenance, warning signs of drug dealing and usage, as well as fair housing are included in the training. This training is helpful to anyone who rents residential property — especially newcomers who may be unfamiliar with the recommended measures needed to avoid headaches later.

Although open to all residential landlords and tenants in Allentown, the seminars are intended to benefit small landlords in center city where more than 1,800 small landlords have modest “mom and pop” operations of typically one to 10 rental units, either in one structure or in several structures in scattered sites. In 2016 these small operations aggregately owned more than 4,200 registered rental units in center city alone, providing housing to at least 18,000 people. That number of people represents a little more than 71 percent of the population in center city.

The Allentown Police Department particularly urges property owners and managers, especially those operating rental units in and around center city Allentown, to attend. Space is limited, so advance registration is requested. For information and to pre-register, please call the City of Allentown Planning Department at 610-437-7613 during office hours, or send an email to

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Jesus Sadiua

Two Exciting Arts & Culture Announcements on Tap April 20  at the Allentown Art Museum

Two Exciting Arts & Culture Announcements on Tap April 20 at the Allentown Art Museum

The newly-formed Cultural Coalition of Allentown will announce an exciting new “Authentically Allentown” Artist-in-Residence program on Thursday, April 20 at 4PM at the Allentown Art Museum as part of the Destination Arts: Third Thursday monthly celebration of the arts. A very special announcement and performance presented by the Allentown JazzFest will follow shortly thereafter at 6PM sharing highlights of the upcoming Allentown JazzFest 2017.


David Mickenberg, President and CEO of the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley and Chair of the Cultural Coalition of Allentown, will be making remarks regarding the announcement of the first of three pilot Artist-in-Residence projects serving the neighborhoods as part of the Allentown Arts & Culture 20:21 Plan.


“The JazzFest Preview event on April 20th at The Art Museum is going to have a little something for everyone,” said Bryan Tuk, Executive Director of JazzFest.  “Obviously, we are looking forward to the performance by the Dan DeChellis Trio, but also this is really an occasion to recognize JazzFest’s artists, volunteers and sponsors.”  During the Third Thursday event from 6PM-9PM, which is free to the public, Mr. Tuk will preview the JazzFest 2017 schedule and reveal the official festival poster.


The Cultural Coalition of Allentown is an independent group of arts, business, education and government stakeholders who recently completed an 18-month strategic plan outlining the role of arts in the economic development of the Upside Allentown neighborhoods of the city. Please visit for more information.


For more information, please contact Sean King at or 610.554.0633.

Funding Announcement: LOVE UPSIDE Allentown MINI GRANT

Funding Announcement: LOVE UPSIDE Allentown MINI GRANT

Funding Announcement: LOVE UPSIDE ALLENTOWN

Upside Allentown is sponsoring Mini-Grant Opportunities to engage in efforts for safe, clean and attractive neighborhoods.


Volunteer-led organizations, faith-based groups or neighborhood groups, doing work within the Upside Allentown geographic area are eligible to apply (see page titled “Upside Program Area”).  Organizations without a governing body (board of directors) may work with Community Action Development of Allentown (CADCA) acting as fiscal agent.

Amount and Purpose

Love Upside Allentown Grants will be limited to $1,000 each and must be used to beautify city blocks.  Projects may address, but are not limited to, clearing of illegal dumping, cleaning of littered neighborhood blocks and alleys, clearing of tree wells, community gardens, community art projects or lighting improvement projects.  Preference will be giving to those projects which seek to maintain or improve streetscape projects previously funding by Upside Allentown.

Application and Budget

Applications will need to be completed, signed and submitted by March 10th in order to be considered.  Project budgets must be submitted with applications.  Budget must show sources of revenue and expenses.    All information must be submitted to “Upside Physical Improvements Committee, C/O, Community Action Development of Allentown 523 N 7th St, Allentown, PA 18102”.

Challenge: Contributions and Volunteers

Applicants are challenged to match or exceed the value of the grant being requested in the form of in-kind contributions, financial commitments or volunteer labor.   In-kind contributions will be calculated based upon the value of the goods and services donated.  Documentation will be required in the form of receipts, purchase orders, service agreements or other documents which verify of goods and services.  Financial commitments can reflect a letter from organizational leadership stating the amount being committed.  Volunteer labor will be calculated by multiplying the value of an hour as determined by Independent Sector in the most recent release of the organization’s report (2015: $23.56).  For each volunteer contributing an hour of time, that hour will be multiplied by $23.56.  If one volunteer contributes 10 hours, the value contributed will be $235.60 (1 X 10 X 23.56=235.60).  If two volunteers contribute 10 hours, the value will be $471.20 (2 X 10 X 23.56=471.20).  The names and hours of each volunteer will be required for documentation.


The application period for mini-grants will run from February 10 through March 10, 2017.  Grants will be announced by March 24, 2017.  Projects will be completed before August 30 with data collection by September 15.  All grantees will be required to attend a mandatory orientation to cover the program details and expectations.  The orientation will be held on April 1, 2017.

Questions or Inquiries

Can be directed to Geoff Brace ( or 484-639-1860) or Pat Jackson ( or 610-703-8349).


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The Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown (CADCA) is holding a community meeting on behalf of Upside Allentown for the purpose of presenting the following projects proposed for grant funding:

• Neighborhood Banners and Litter Abatement in Center City
• Transforming Education through Community Engagement

Thursday, January 19, 2017, 6:00 PM
Sacred Heart Hospital, 421 W. Chew Street
2nd Floor (Conference Center)

Join Us for a Community Workshop

Join Us for a Community Workshop

We hope that you can join us for a community workshop we are holding with the Allentown Police Department. One of the initiatives of Upside Allentown is to create a safer environment in the City. Crime has dropped significantly in the city but we have progress to make. One of the most impactful ways to do this is for the Police to build real and lasting relationships with the community.

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Upside Allentown & CADC Announce Job Opportunities

Upside Allentown & CADC Announce Job Opportunities

New Arts-Related Positions Opening in Allentown

The Arts and Culture Committee of UPSIDE ALLENTOWN, under the direction of Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown (CADCA), is pleased to announce a search for a part-time Artistic Operations Director and a part-time Administrative/Advancement Director to execute the first year of an Artists-in-Residency project of the new Allentown Arts and Culture Plan between December 12, 2016 and September 30, 2017.

Both positions will be considered 1099 hires and must demonstrate that they possess appropriate liability insurance.

The Artistic Operations Director will be remunerated up to $18,000 as each of the six neighborhood Artist-in-Residency projects are initiated.

The Administrative/Advancement Director will be paid no more than $25,000 that includes a base minimum per month with an additional amount remunerated as the funds are raised for each of the Artist-in-Residency projects. This position will be the primary fundraiser responsible for raising funds for the initiatives.

Position Descriptions are attached and can also be found on the UPSIDE ALLENTOWN website (

  1. Resumes and cover letters should be returned by 6 pm. November 27, 2016 to the attention of:


  1. Eligible candidates will be interviewed between November 28 and December 6, 2016
  2. Final selection and confirmation will take place between December 3 and December 6, 2016
  3. The finalists should expect to begin work on this project December 12, 2016


Job Descriptions

Artistic Operations Director

Administrative Advancement Director