Faces of APD

Sergeant Gross

“We never know what an evening is going to bring or a shift is going to bring. We’re here to protect… It’s a job you have to be self motivated at.” Sgt. Gross

Police Youth Academy

Police Youth Academy

In this short film we highlight the very successful Youth Police Academy program. The goal is to build relationships with kids in the community through a week long summer program that educates kids but more importantly introduces them to the officers who serve the community where they live.

“This allows the students, to see that there is a person behind the badge, behind the uniform.” Officer Stanko

Lieutenant Keiser

“Everybody starts this job, they want to change the world; and you learn pretty quick that you’re not going to change the world, but you look for the small victories.” Lt. Keiser

Officers Fritzinger & D’Argenio

“I have his back and I know he’s got mine” Officer D'Argenio